a large bottle of glue


Well, this is a familiar object, isn't it boys and girls? It is something that all of you have used many, many times. It is really handy to have around the house. Wow, I have used it so many times. There has been a very special plate that got broken and I glued the pieces together. Once a lady brought me from Rome an unusual cup and it got broken in her returning to America. She laughed as she gave it to me, but a week later I showed it to her. I had put the pieces together with a bottle of glue.

There are some things that can only be put together by glue. Things that can not be stappled or taped;, nailed or screwed together. The only way you can keep them together is by a good glue job. And, there are different kinds of glue. Some dry quicker than others, but most take as much as 30 minutes

Now, I want you to be very careful to understand what I am to say regarding Jesus. I want to refer to Jesus as a "glue man" in all reverence. The reason I say that is because when I read Colossians 1:17 it makes me think of glue. Here is how it reads: "In Jesus all things stay together. All things consist."

You see, Jesus holds the world together. Jesus holds the animal kingdom together land it is Jesus who holds people together. It is Jesus that holds you to salvation. So in that sense I call him the Glue Man.

Now notice. When I glue two pieces of a plate together which have been broken there is the possibility that the object will break apart again. Right? But not so with God. Because when he becomes "fixed through Jesus" with a person that is for ever and ever. Praise the Lord.

The Lord holds you and He doesn't take thirty minutes to hold you firmly, like this as the label indicates one must do. It is instant when you, as a young person, reach out by faith to trust Jesus. To glue means to set or to put together. Jesus glues us to his promises. It is like, He makes sticky, our faith. He sets us secure with our salvation.

I pray that He will put you together with God as you trust in Him. Amen




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