A tool box with an assortment of tools. Included should be a glass cutter, wire cutter and two type screw drivers; a phillips and a regular one.



Well, this is some kind of a tool box, isn't it? Let's look inside. The lid is open and you can see a lot of tools inside. Your dad probably has a tool box, too. They come in different sizes and different colors and are very useful. This is a nice red one. Watch, this top shelf comes out, and there are more tools in the bottom.

The Gospel according to a tool box. You have heard of the Gospel according I to Matthew, Gospel according to Mark, Luke and John, well, here is a new one. The Gospel according to a tool box. What do I mean by that? I mean that this tool box, if it could speak would tell us something very important. This is especially true in the area of the spirit and spiritual things.

Now, in this box (take a look at the tools) there are many. Some are special tools. Take this screw driver. It has a funny looking star like head and it is used for screws that adults call "Phillips" This screw - driver, on the other hand just has a flat head, for 4 regular screw heads. Each has its own special; in other words, one can not be used for the other. Now, here is a wire cutter here is one for cutting glass. Never could you use this screw driver to cut glass. We could go on and on to make the point that for various jobs, and there are various tools. Each is very special and important.

On the box we have written on the back side, GOD'S TOOL BOX. In other words, I am in God's tool box and you are too. God does not have another tool like you. You are special and you are needed. Now, there are tools that look alike, but they are not actually a like, The example of the two screw drivers bears that out. When we examined the ends we discovered that they were entirely different. So, as we have special tools in the tool box, God has special people in his workings. You, for example. You are needed just as you are. You are needed very much.

God is the master craftsman. He needs you in His tool box to accomplish His work on. garth. Let me read Psalm 37:5. It says, "Give yourself to the Lord, trust in Hin and He will help you." It is like a tool that would say, "I'm going to give myself to you. You be the carpenter and I'll be the to In verse 23 it says, "The Lord will guide a man in the way you should go." He will guide you in the way you go as a tool of His. That is why I can say that each of you are very special tools for God to guide and use. That is why one said long ago, "Lord, make me an instrument of your peace."



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