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mailmanA number of years ago, boys and girls, when we were going home late one evening, one of our children said, Hey, Mom! There's a moon following us ! This attracted the attention of the other children and even Mommy and Daddy. We all began straining to see the beautiful moon shining down on the earth, that seemed to our children, to be following us. Again they said, "Hey! The moon really is following us! If we turn, the moon turns. The moon is following us."

You know, after that experience, I began thinking that no matter where we go, Jesus follows us. The verse of Scripture I have chosen for this hour comes from Psalm 139:7. Where shall I go from Your Spirit or where shall run from thy presence?

Yes, boys and girls, God is always with us. It reminds me of a little girl who was asked by her mother to go into the bedroom to get a purse for a guest who was leaving. The little girl went halfway, then turned with the comment, Its dark in there, Mother, I'm afraid. The mother said, Honey, there is no reason to be afraid. We are right here, just in the other room; Jesus is in there too. Jesus is in that room? That's right, honey, and everything will be all right. Then the little girl ran off.to the bedroom and was overheard by her mother saying, I'm a-hummin', Jesus. I'm a-hummin'. The little girl ran into the dark room, got the purse and returned it to her mother in the living room.

This is just to say, boys and girls, that always, always, always, Jesus is with us. He is with us when we are happy, he is with us when we are sad. No matter where we go, Jesus is with us.

Jeremiah 23:23, 24 reads: Am I a God at hand says the Lord and not a God afar off? Can any hide himself in secret places that I shall not see him? Do not I fill heaven and earth, says the Lord.

He follows us just like the moon appeared to be following us that evening. The reason He follows us is that He loves us so much and cares about us. You know when we are in school, on the playground, in the store shopping or in our home we are always with Jesus. The wonderful thing about our Lord is that no matter where we are Jesus is not only following us but He is with us. And what's more, He is ahead of us.



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