wood stick
string or wire
an arm cast (if possible, obtained from local clinic)


I imagine that all of you, at one time or another, have seen a tomato plant or certain flower plants supported by a stake. When I use the word "stake" I do not mean "steak" like we eat. The piece of wood that is put in the ground to hold up the plant. The gardener will then take a piece of string or a plastic coated wire and tie the plant to the support.

I have here a cast. This cast came from one of my children when they injured their arm. That was some time ago. However, I kept the cast, knowing that I would use it someday- like now, for instance. The cast holds a body part, in this case, an arm in place.

Now, boys and girls, this is a great lesson for us. Just as the wood stake supports the plant and this cast supported the arm, so God gives us His support.

We are much like the little plants. For example, He holds your soul in place. He holds you together. I like the words in Psalm 71:6, "By you God, have I been held up." Or, "I have relied upon you all my life."

So, kids, remember, when you feel like you need support, or if you feel you are falling, God is near to help. As you are in need of something that will keep you standing straight, Jesus says, "Let me help you." "Let me be your cast for support". Let Jesus hold you in place. Like the stick on a tomato or flower plant holds it up, so Jesus will do the same for you. Why? Because he loves you.

What is the greatest and best stake in the world. It is the cross. Jesus hung on that cross, which was planted in the earth, because of His love for each one of you.




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