a telephone
    a small sign approximately 3" x 6" which reads the name of one person in the congregation.


mailmanHave you ever wished you had a private telephone? Have you ever wanted to call a school friend to get an assignment you didn't understand, only to find morn or dad already using the telephone? You know, telephones are important especially when you really and truly want to make a call. That is frustrating, isn't it?

The other side of the coin is when a number is dialed and one gets a busy signal. Or, if it, in the case of a party line, the line is in use. If it is an emergency call and the party line is being used, I am told that one may simply say "I have to get a message through. This is an emergency" According to law the individuals using the line have to hand up.

It is hard to take when one telephones a friend to relay an important message and the line is busy. "If only I could get through." you might say to yourself.

Well my friends, I have news for you all. It is regarding YOUR private telephone.

Everyone, when they are born, is given a private telephone to their creator - God. It is like this telephone with a name on it.

Now this is why it is important and so wonderful because no one can use it but you. It is never busy and it can never go dead or experience any kind of a failure. It is a direct line to God.

Have you ever heard of a Vision-Phone of the future where the callers can view one another? Sometimes they are on display in various exhibits. Well, your private telephone is a one-way vision-phone as God who is at the other end of the line can not only hear, but he can SEE you. That's right.

The special sentence I have chosen from God's word comes from Psalms 91:15, "He shall call upon me and I will answer him."

Now as I mentioned earlier - you have your phone - given to you at birth - and as you grow older you discover how to use it. It doesn't cost a dime, just a dime's worth of your time. Use it boys and girls. You will learn a lot and be helped by your talks with God. So, the next time you see a telephone, remember, you have a spiritual telephone with a direct line to God. Amen.



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