Affecting Others




sheets of carbon paper
sheets of white paper



I am going to write my name on this piece of paper. Now, I am just writing it one time. I wont you to see what has happened. Behind this sheep of white paper there was another piece of paper, called carbon paper. Behind it is another piece of white paper. Mother sheet of carbon paper and another sheep of white paper. Wow. I wrote my name only one time, but look how many names I have gotten.

By the use of carbon paper you can see it appear many. times more than my just writing it once. And, you know, this is how we influence other people.

There is what we could call a piece of invisible carbon paper between you and the person next to you. You never know how many sheets of carbon paper there are, so it is important to be careful what you put on your page.

Sometimes we think that what we do only affects us, but in reality, it also affects other people. Paul said to one church, that they should follow his example, for he followed Jesus. Jesus said, "I have set an example for you." (John 13:15) Like John the Baptist was not the Messiah, but he was to prepare the way For Him. So, we are to so live like Jesus, that when people copy us, they will be copying Jesus and His ways and teachings.

So, when we put our mark on the earth? by what we say or do, let us be so careful that it be a Christ mark. What we do and sat does affect others. Those others are those in our family and where we play or go to school.



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