Boys and girls here is a piece of plywood that I am going to pretend is the wall of a house. Here is some wallpaper that I am going to put on the wall of my house. I am going to put it right here. Huh, it did not stay, did it? Well, let me push it up against it really hard. It just won't stay. Children, what is wrong? Why isn't it staying on the board? Wallpaper is supposed to stick to the wall. Any ideas? OH, there is no glue.

Paper will not just stay on the wall unless something is between it like glue or wallpaper paste. Well, that is exactly what Colossians 1:17 says, "Christ existed before all things and in union with Him all things have their 1 proper place." or, "By Him all things stick together."

This wallpaper needs glue to stay on the wall, so it will perform the function of wallpaper. What is that? To make a wall look good. We have been created for a purpose. WE hove been created for the pleasure of God. WE have been created to make God happy. But if we are not going to take our stand we 1 will not accomplish the purpose for which we have been created, either.

What we need is to accept in our lives what God's Son, Jesus, did on the cross. It was on the cross that Jesus (adults use the word reconcile) brought together us to God. Like Jesus on the cross reached out with one hand to God and with the other hand to mankind. Grabbing hold of God and man He brings us together As Colossians 1:17 says, "set us together."

On the cross Jesus did "cross work" that is made impossible for us to be united with God. It is He who brings us together.

So, the next time you see wall paper remember that it is not just staying on the wall all by itself. There is wall paper paste being used. So, with us, there is something behind us that makes us stand as we should. In fact, you could call Him, with all respect, "The Great Glue Man".



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