a collection of various nails

a board in which has been driven or placed the following 3 nails
one at each end and one in the middle
the board should be at least a foot long

a crooked nail

one very straight and LONG

a rubber nail
(If not available, improvise with a piece of
gray plastic tubing.)


I have an assortment of nails driven into this board. They are different in size, they are different in color and even different in shape. Some are straight, some are crooked. These nails, boys and girls, can speak to us. They want you to listen.

This first nail is one I would like you to put a sweater on. May I have a volunteer come up and hang up this sweater. Are you having some difficulty hanging it up? Perhaps we should examine this nail.

Anything unusual about it? Wow, yes, it is rubber. I can't believe it. This nail is a rubber nail. Look, I can bend it back and forth. No wonder the sweater could not be held. It looked good, didn't it. It had the right appearance, but it did not have what it takes in a nail to perform a job. This nail just can't be depended upon. I will call it a show nail. Sometimes people are like this nail.

The second nail is this crooked nail at the end of the board. Let's give it a chance. Let's try to hang the garment on it. It, too, doesn't work very well, does it? But with a little persistence you can make it stay. But, look, the garment does fall. The crooked nail is obviously not a good looking nail, but still doesn't perform its duty.

You know boys and girls people are like this. They are like nails. Some people you can't depend upon. Some people look like they can be depened on, but you really can't. Others, even the smallest tack can be depended upon. They make promises and they fulfill all their promises.

Now, look at the third nail - this middle nail in the board. This steel nail is performing its duty of holding up a sweater or other article of clothing. But, notice the nail is not seen, is it? Only what it holds up is seen. It is this way, boys and girls with really dependable mom and dads and boys and girls. You often times cannot see them, but you can see what they are doing.

In 1 Corinthians 15:58 we find these words. "Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain."

No matter where you are, in your home, or in your school, or in your church, it is wonderful to be called a dependable young person. You will then be likened to this beautify steel nail.




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