a large magnet
a small magnet
several very small metal toys
large nail or steel ball bearing
sign reading JESUS and attached to the back side of a magnet
sign reading DRAWS placed on the magnet
picture of child with small nail taped on back


A MAGNET'S DRAW Do any of you boys and girls have a magnet at home? You might. Especially do guys have them. They are a lot of fun and they are very useful at times, also. For example if someone drops an object down a crack in the floor or a hole in the ground where the object can't be reached what would they do? Use a magnet. They can be helpful.

Once I dropped an article down a floor furnace and I pulled it out just that way. I tied a small magnet to the end of a piece of string and lowered the magnet and raised the article. Yea!!

Magnets are real fun toys. I suppose the one word that characterizes a magnet is "draw". Magnets draw don't they? I think, boys and girls, that in all reverence, we could liken Jesus unto a magnet. How? Well, think about it. Jesus came into the world to attract everyone to the Heavenly Father. Jesus was to act as a mediator. That is, one who reaches to God with one hand and with the other, reaches down to you and me. He pulls together, just like the drawing power of a magnet.

Now watch this. (Hold the magnet with the sign Jesus and draws over the cut out of a child with the nail scotched taped on the back). Look what happens. Jesus is drawing the child.

He is constantly wanting to draw us. However, sometimes we hold onto little things that hinder us from going to Jesus. He wants us to turn loose, exercise our faith and let God have us.

Bible says that Jesus, as he is lifted up will "draw all men to himself." Thank you Jesus for drawing all the children. Jesus did say, "Let the children come to me, don't hinder them." that means each one of you.




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