fly paper
fishing lure (find one that is really pretty with a skirt, if possible)
a small wooden cross


Well, boys and girls look what I have here this morning. What is it? If you guessed "fly paper" you are absolutely correct. What kind of paper? Fly paper. My, have you ever seen anything like this. I have heard of writing paper, scratch paper and wrapping paper, but here is fly paper.

What does fly paper do? Well, flies are caught. It is simple as that. Flies are fooled and come close and touch the paper and "gotcha".

Then here is fishing lure. You see the hook is hidden. Now, I know you have figured it out. The fish, just like the flies, get caught. These are two things that fool and yet do a very good job.

Now, the other thing that is used to attract is this. Just a simple wooden cross. Since we do not want to be fooled, we are not generally lured to what is the cross. People seem to be lured toward something fancy like this fishing hook/lure, or this colorful fly paper. But the cross?

On the other hand, we have Satan with his lures. He is trying so hard to catch boys and girls as well as adults. And he does so by trying to attract us to the beautiful. But many have found that it is a trap. Soon that which seems to be good or pretty or desirable to us, ends in just the opposite.

Jesus is doing his part as he wants us. On the part of Jesus, there is the cross. There is no trick, no trap. Jesus wants you to have freedom, not being captured. He once said, "Come unto me all of you (boys and girls) and I will give you rest." (Matthew 11:28). He wants each of you to come to him. He will not force you or trick you, but simply say, "I died on the cross for you because I love you. Will you love me."

Children, never be caught or hooked by the things of this world, but receive the freedom and liberty that comes from Jesus...and that comes from the cross. The cross is not a trap.




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