Box of Detergent



What do you think this box of laundry detergent has in common with this book, the Bible? .. .and with this object? All three have something in common. I have chosen the detergent, Bold 3 because the numeral 3on the box. We are told that we, when using this product, will participate in three areas that are necessary to get clothes looking right. 1. Cleans 2. Softens and 3. Controls static.

The Bible boldly speaks of three likewise. God, the Father, God, the Son, and God, the Holy Spirit. This object of the cross, of course, is an instrument of death, on which Jesus died for us.

What do they have in common? When clothes get dirty, they are put in a washing machine, detergent is placed in the machine. When all mixed up and the washing cycle is over, the clothes come out clean, clean. Obviously this detergent makes clothes clean.

Now the Word of God boldly presents another cleansing method. It says, "Though your sins are as scarlet, or red, they shall be as white as snow. That is because of this object, of which the Bible speaks, the cross. On the cross, Jesus died. He shed his blood so that we could have our sins washed clean. Without the shedding of blood there is no clean washing.

In I John 1:7, "the blood cleans us", just like this detergent Bold 3, cleans clothes.. Both makes a statement. Boys and girls, the next time you see your clothes ,when they are dirty; you know, the knees, fellows, when you have been playing ball, or you girls have a smear on your dress when you were playing in the park,all these acts upon your jeans or your dress, can be taken care of when soap is applied. All cleaned. So it is with our sins.

You know when we don't share toys, when we do not obey our parents, when we fuss or act mean toward a friend, when we are not polite, insist on having our own way all these things are sin. We then confess it, put them in the washing machine of God's love, Apply the blood from the cross and we find the cleanest clean.



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