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Tongue Depressor

Since the beginning of time there have been people who hove been put in chains. This chain which I hold before you certainly is a strong one. And, chains like this have been used on people. That is sad, but true.

But, when people, following the days of Jesus on earth, discovered or had told to them the truths of the Gospel, they found that even the truths were more powerful than the chains. The Word of God has been found to be strong and even stronger than chain.

In fact, the Word has been able to break chains. Sometimes people are chained up in ignorance. Sometimes there are people who are victims to bad habits, or doing things that are wrong. They seem to be chained to that habit or way. Then comes the Bible and its truth. And the power of the Bible can break the chain. Now, the chain of which I speak is invisible. Yet the person, boy or girl or young person or adult, is just as tied.

How wonderful it is for a person to be set free when in bondage. Just imagine a person like one of you who will volunteer all bond up with this chain. And then comes the Word of God hits it and breaks the hold. You see, Jesus is truth. And the Bible says, John 8;32 "you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." This is why Jesus came to break the bonds of sin which tie up people.

Yes, praise God, we are set free in Jesus to worship, to live, to work, to play just really set free to be all we can be. In Jesus.



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