a large chrome chain
a large Bible
Have two of the links of the chain held together by white thread. This is the place where the Bible (truth) will cut asunder the chain. Also, when showing the chain be careful to hold the chain on both sides of the thread.



I love two things to show you. One, this beautiful chain chrome, heavy, good looking. Two, a Bible. Leather, also good looking. Now, both are symbols. This chain is a symbol of what? You older ones, what is it a symbol of? Did someone say slavery? That's right. This Bible is a symbol of what? Well, it might be hard at first to say what I an thinking, but I think of freedom.

The chain shows power in terms of bondage. In Biblical days when someone was put in chains they were in bondage in prison so to speak. And, the Devil does put people in chains today although they ore invisible. The Bible speaks of freedom, especially the freedom found in Christ Jesus.

There are what we could call principles in the Bible that when formed in the heart and followed will give freedom to the power of bondage. It becomes I more powerful than the chains. The Word of God, is powerful.

The chain of ignorance, for example is very strong in parts of the world regarding salvation in Jesus. But missionaries come and with the word of God, using the name of Jesus, they break those chains. Even young people who live in this city are often in chains. For example one might be the victim of a bad habit they are chained to that. You see sin, in any form when continued is like a chain.

John 8:32 "The truth will set you free." Jesus said that he was the truth. Now watch this. Let us pretend that this chain which I hold before you represents smoking or drinking. Many are tied up with this problem. I take the Bible and I will need two of you to each hold an end of this chain. I take the Bible and with one cut ? divide the chain in two. Yes, there is freedom and deliverance in Truth.



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