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Salvation - soteria - health, general well being. Paul is saying, "God, put me in this situation, and God means it, with all it's problem and its difficulties, to make it for my happiness and usefulness in time, and for joy and peace in eternity."

Any challenge is meant to be a tonic or a strength builder from God.

Expectation - apokaradokia - apo -meaning away, kara- meaning the head, dokein -meaning to look. Apokaradokia then means that eager intense look which turns its gaze away from everything else to fix it on one object of its desire.

To live is Christ

  1. Christ was the beginning of life - road to Damascus
  2. Christ was the continuing of life - He lived in Christ's presence daily
  3. Christ was the end of life - life bent toward the eternal presence of God
  4. Christ was the inspiration of life - motive power of life.
  5. Christ had given the task of life - made an apostle
  6. Christ had given him strength of life - grace was made perfect in weakness
  7. Christ was reward of life - closer and closer fellowship with Christ

If Christ would be taken out there would be nothing left.

Desire to depart - analuein - means:

  1. Moving on, nearing home
  2. Solving problems - death bring life's solutions, all questions will be answered

Abide and Continue

  1. Abide - menein - to remain with
  2. Continue - parameneuin - wait beside, to be ready to help all the time

Paul desire to live is not for his own sake, but for the sake of those whom, by living, he can continue to help and serve.

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