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Ephesians 2

Live in expectancy (eager anticipation) in what is before you NOW and in eternity.

When we:

  1. We were under control of the spirit of this world
  2. Conducting ourselves by the behavior of the flesh
  3. Obeying the thoughts of the mind

God - because of His rich MERCY and His wonderful love for us - made us alive and in fellowship with Christ.

He raised us up and sat us down with Christ in the Heavenly realm - all because of His GRACE. It is the gift of grace that saved us, not our works.

We are God's handiwork, recreated in Christ, to do the good works He has planned for us to do.

Remember, we were at one time separated from Christ but now we have been brought near because of His blood shed for us. He was crucified for us and gave us His Holy Spirit to approach God. We've been set apart for Him.

In Christ, we continue to grow into a Holy Temple for Him.

This morning, after receiving this teaching, we drove to Yreca., Calif. On the way we saw the most beautiful rainbow extending across the Heavens. Lord, I receive this as an affirmation of the word you gave me earlier this week. I don't believe this is a coincidence and I thank You. You are an awesome, Heavenly Father who truly loves us most intently. Thank you for Your grace and faithfulness to us. I love You and will look with expectancy. God put a rainbow in the Heavens to remind us He keeps His promises.

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