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birdSimplicity and Trustbird

Don't let go of your hope. Hope deferred makes the heart sad. Live in expectancy of all I have for you. Hold not back. Leave the rest to Me. Am I not true to My Word - trust Me for the timing and unveiling of it all. Suddenly, anything could change.

Your place is to come, ask, be obedient, and live for each day, acknowledge me and I will direct your path. The way will be made clear. You'll see. Trust Me. You've placed it in My Hands. My grace is sufficient for the present. Take no thought for tomorrow - it is in My Hands. Live for today with hope and great expectancy for suddenly - anything could happen. A complete change - a fulfillment of My will for you - healing restoration, joy unspeakable - all because you have placed it in My Hands - letting Me have My way - abiding in Me.

Let not your heart be troubled or afraid, simply trust Me as that little child trusts her parents. I will see to it all. Your place is to listen and obey. I will do the rest. Take steps I tell you to take. I know you better than you know yourself. I will work in you to will and do My good pleasure. Trust Me in everything and expect much! I will fulfill your heart's desires as You trust Me to do it.

In His steps, I will abide
Deep in the heart of His love, subside
Into His chasm of deep inner faith
Will I remain by His grace, abase.

God is my refuge by humbling myself and pouring my heart to Him, trusting Him at all times. Psalm 62:8

God's will is the most hopeful, pleasant and glorious thing in the entire world. It is the continuous working of His omnipotent power for our benefit. Nothing can prevent it if we remain surrendered and believing.

Philippians 3:7-11

Focus on pursuit of intimacy with God. Become a man or woman "after God's own heart"

Lay aside all human achievements and receive the grace of God Knowledge of God - experiential, resulting from personal communion with Him. Knowing not only His power but His suffering as well "if by any means" -expression of deep humility and constant striving "lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of me."- bringing to a maturity, perfecting.

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