Nancy's Notes 

birdJust Trustingbird

No matter how high the mountains
Or how deep the valleys may be
My grace is sufficient
For your every need.

I'll always be with you
Giving plenty of strength
As we journey together
On your path of faith

I love you, my child
My plans are for good
Fret not for tomorrow
Living today as you should

I see all. I know all
You can trust what I say
Take hold of My Hand
Let Me lead the way

A new day will dawn
It could suddenly appear
Hope for tomorrow
Giving thanks as it nears


I love You. I'll trust You As You stand by my side
Livingly expectantly and hopefully
In Your Presence, abide

Hope for tomorrow
Giving thanks for today
Learning through experience
The love You portray

How grateful I am
For Your faithfulness to me
Your mercy and goodness
Truly humble me

One step at a time
With Your promises in mind
I'm sure that I'll make it
Victory not far behind

"My Jesus, My Savior
There is none like you
Let every breath, all that I am
Never cease to worship YOU."

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