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birdSuffering in the Fleshbird

1 Peter 4

Denial of fleshly lust

  1. Since Christ suffered - We should are ourselves with the same thought
    1. Please God - live according to His will
    2. Suffering in the flesh (having the mind of Christ)
    3. Done with intentional sins - stop pleasing ourselves, the world and Satan, but please God - quiet aligning ourselves with Satan with:
      1. Lustful desires
      2. Sinful habits
      3. Idolatries

Commit to Christ's Will and Way

  1. The good new was given to us so that though we are fleshly we can live in the spirit of God.
    1. Keep sound minded and alert for prayer
    2. Have intense love for one another. Proverbs 10:12
    3. Practice hospitality
    4. Use the gift God has given you for His glory.

As far as suffering goes, commit yourself to the One who created you and will never leave you.
Become the person He created you to be for His glory!
Live for the will of God!
Have faith in the Person of Christ and the completed work of the Cross.
Commit yourself to the denial of fleshy lust so that the Spirit is in control.

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