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birdConquering Poor Self - Worth and A Lack of Self Confidencebird

Self-confidence - being dependent upon God and all that He has placed in us. John 15:5 To Know we are nothing without Him.

  1. Know that you are loved - unconditionally Romans 5:8. Choose to proclaim, "God loves me unconditionally and I receive."
  2. Refuse to live in fear - it will cause you to bury your talents. Choose to walk in faith.
  3. Be positive - Romans 8:28 - keep thoughts in line with what God says.
  4. Recover from setbacks - let your mistakes train you and take a step of faith. Prov.24: 16, Phil. 3:13.
  5. Avoid comparison - do your best - accept yourself for who you are - God gave you gifts, talents, and skills.
  6. Do not live in - "If only or what if" If only is a thief of what could be - focus on what you do have. What if - think of things that will help instead of hinder.
  7. Take action - search your heart - what does God want you to do - then do it.
  8. Where he guides He will always provide.


God determines our self-esteem. Are we going to choose His or the image we have of ourselves? "No one else can make me feel inferior without my permission." Eleanor Roosevelt One thing that keeps us from fulfilling God's calling is believing you don't have personal worth.

God accepts me as I am and wants me to know my incredible value. He accepts me just as I am with all my quirks, habits, burdens and all!! He has uniquely gifted me with abilities, talent and I have tremendous worth in His eyes.

Recognizing this means I have unconditional acceptance of me and belief in my God given potential - just the way I am - growing, learning, changing and developing.
Having a healthy self-image gives honor to Christ.

To build my future with confidence is to realize:

  1. I'm an extraordinary human being
  2. I don't have to strive to be a worthy person - I am becoming 3. I've been made in God's image.
  3. I am a limited edition, one of a kind and only I can accomplish what I was designed to do.

My self-esteem is based on what God says about me. Believing we don't have personal worth, holds us back.

Psalm 139:13-18; Psalm 49:5,17; Psalm70 - He delivers me from self-loathing

Mark 12:31 Agape love of self means unconditional acceptance and always seeking the best for others and ourselves.

Break me of self-loathing and make me into Your image.. Luke 12:6,7

Discover your true worth just as you are. God isn't finished with you yet. God's purpose is to give life in all its fullness. John 10:10

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