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birdHandling Sin in Our Livesbird

p>Psalm 51:1
Acknowledge sin before a merciful God. Cry mercy.

Psalm 51:2
Acknowledge sin in yourself and how desperate you are for HIMů Child like dependency - humility.

Psalm 51:7
Whatever it takes, Lord, clean me up. Hyssop = herb for cleansing, symbolizing cleansing of the soul. Wash = pounding or beating for thorough cleaning.

Psalm 51:10
Ask for a spirit that endures - singleness of purpose - stand fast on the truth I know.

Psalm 51:12
Return to me joy and renew a willing spirit to sustain me. 2 Cor .3:17 "Where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty" We are free to serve the Lord in all ways that are consistent with His Word, Will, Nature and Holiness.

Psalm 51:15
Praise Him.

Faith is a conscious choice to act on what God says is true. Faith requires practice to grow and become strong. It comes from God's Word and is released through the act of obedience.

It requires a spirit in me that endures and stands fast on the truth.

The spirit of humility opens the pathway to joy - humbling myself before Him and others.

My faith in Jesus to make up for my weakness in both character and action is being required of me. I keep my eyes on Him (in whom my faith depends) from start to finish.

When we're going through a trial or difficulty in life instead of RESISTING it, we need to come to an ACCEPTANCE of it. We need to ask God to redeem or transform it for His benefit.

On our part we need to turn to God with a humble, contrite, dependent spirit. Our difficulty can become a means of grace as we turn to Him this way.

When Jesus was on the cross He cried out "Why have you forsaken me?" He heard nothing but silence. But He responded with faithfulness - "for the joy set before Him He endured."

Jesus is sympathetic to everything we go through. His resurrection is our hope.

Did God desire the death of HIS son? We don't know in advance how suffering can be changed into something to celebrate. That's where our faith comes in. We believe in advance what will make sense later.

In the meantime we are learning about the WHO in our lives. He is bringing all the head knowledge we have about Him down into our hearts. We are learning how alive He really is!

We are having an intimate relationship with Him for which we have been created! All because of His GRACE, love and mercy!

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