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October 17, 2006

Because you have no clear direction as to what you are to do you are afraid! You do not believe I will be there for you. You must, my beloved believe that I will not fail you. Did I not say to my disciples that I would give them the words to speak when they were in dire circumstances? How much more will I give it to you simply because you asked? I will be there for you. Trust Me. You'll see. It will get easier as you take these steps of faith. It will not always be this way but for now I am asking you to come to Me as that trusting child, placing your hand in Mine. I will not fail you. As you move and take those steps of obedience (and it is obedience for I am requiring you to walk with Me this way for the time being) you will learn to trust Me even more and be confounded by what I do through you.

New days are before you and I am preparing you for those new days. Step by step, moment-by-moment, never alone, always by your side. You will learn much in the days ahead and you will walk in a greater freedom ever known by you for you will walk as that trusting child, believing and receiving all I have for you and then some!
Amen and Amen!

Are you going to receive these words as coming from Me?

Come, my beloved, place your hand in Mine. We're in this walk together. Take my yoke upon you for it is light. I love you, my child, what more do you need to know?

Trust My love for you. This will meet your every need - a trust in Me and My love for you.
Amen and Amen??

I then turned to the Word and these scriptures were shown to me. Luke 2:14-15 Matt. 10:19-20 Mark13:11

PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!! Lord you are always faithful, patient, and kind. How grateful I am that You never give up on me!!!!!!

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