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My heart is singing with joy this day at the thought of what my Lord has been doing and showing me these past few weeks. He is awesome and worthy of our praises. I thank Him for His faithfulness, goodness and mercy that He constantly extends to me! He accepts me, knows me, and loves me intimately. There isn't anything he doesn't know about me. With that said, I'll explain.

Our house is undergoing major construction and changes (it and I are in turmoil), which have brought some feelings and frustrations. I would like to see everything completed NOW. I don't want to wait for the workers to decide when they'll come. I want them to come when I need them! I am so tired - I find myself coming to an "end of myself".

You know what? It 's a lot like I feel when God starts a construction in my "heart house". I get all "stirred up" wondering if I'll ever see results. I begin questioning whether His promises are true.

The truth is, He hasn't forgotten me. In fact, He is bringing me into an intimate personal relationship with Him.. He is also changing me from glory to another and stretching my faith. Our place is to be willing and obedient. This is accomplished through experiences of life - sickness, pain, relationships, etc Hopefully we'll run to Him for the fullness of His salvation and life He has for us.

John 16:33 says You will have trials and I have deprived (the world) of power to have you for I have conquered it for you.

Hebrews 4 tells us we have someone - Jesus- who was tempted as we were so He understands us and will impart grace to us to overcome.

Galatians 3:22 Before faith came we were held prisoner - locked up until faith should be revealed. We will have trials.

In the meantime..."Delight yourself in the Lord and continue to rejoice that you are in Him...for we worship God in Spirit and by the spirit of God and pride ourselves in Jesus Christ and put no confidence or dependence in the flesh.. Phil. 3:1,3

Fully abide in Christ by faith - Be in Him so He can do what needs to be done in and through you!

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